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  1. Vitiligo : causes and treatments 09/01/2017 Dr Rached Smida - General Practitioner

    Dr Smida Rached is a researcher who has been working on cholesterol since 1988. On August 27, 2009 he received from the World Intellectual Property Organization, an International Patent on the good cholesterol that has very important properties for human health
  2. Nearsightedness during childhood 06/12/2016 Dr Montassar Menif - Ophthalmologist

    If myopia appears before the age of twelve has a tendency to get worse quickly. So it’s important to regularly check children’s sight since the number of nearsighted children is growing. Children’s myopia is characterized by a length anomaly of the eye.
  3. Exercises to improve vision 06/12/2016 Dr Montassar Menif - Ophthalmologist

    Exercises to improve vision exist since dozens of years and we can find traces in articles dating from 1920. Part of these exercises aren’t made to improve vision, but to take care of them make them less tired, which will indirectly improve vision.